CUBIC WATER has a full range of automatic CUBIC FILTERS for irrigation, industrial and municipal use.

With years of experience CUBIC WATER has developed filters that are built for African conditions and gives a guarantee on all our products.


CUBIC WATER manufactures the UFMC™ clarifier under License to Ronnie Trollip (RSA Patent Nr. 2009/08030) to the highest standards.

This CUBIC CLARIFIER is a unique upflow floating media clarifier (UFMC™) that converts raw water from a river or dam into World Health Organization standard drinking water.



CUBIC WATER manufactures all the CUBIC WATER products in Nelspruit, South Africa.  Local manufacturing allow for a low manufacturing cost that is less susceptible to the rand/dollar exchange rate and therefore gives our clients a very cost effective solution.

Design Assistance

Water is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity and engineers are challenged daily with water filtration and purification problems. CUBIC WATER has an in-house engineer to assist with the design of these systems using cost-effective equipment.

Please contact us for assistance at


CUBIC WATER has specialist teams to servicefilters and clarifiers all over South Africa. After each annual service the guarantee will be extended until the next service.

Contact us at to find out when a team will be in your area.